Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much time will the DJ take to Setup?

    Setup time depends on the type of package that the client has booked. For small events i.e. Birthday Parties, Pre Wedding Parties upto 200 people. Setup is only (1) hour or less. For very large events where more equipment (Plasmas screens,projections screens, Led Uplighting / LED Dance Floor we require more time approx. 2hrs-2.5hrs is required.

  2. What will the DJ wear for our event?

    Karizma London team have a uniform that is worn which comprises a Polo T-shirt / Black Trousers / dinner jacket. Sometimes, at the clients request, special "theme costumes" are appropriate. Other times, the attire is more casual to fit the type of event. Please ask us if you require special attire.

  3. How much of the music can we select to be played?

    This is your party/event that you have booked, we usually ask if you have any special playlist that you specifically have, this will be played throughout the night. Our Professional DJ will judge the crowd and play accordingly. Please view our testimonial page of our clients feedback.

  4. Can we Extend our time, if the event goes longer than anticipated?

    All of Karizma London Bookings are confirmed via a contract, the customer will sign a contract and specify the duration of the event, if the customer wishes to extend the night after they have submitted the contract, they will automatically occur a charge by the hour. Please read our terms and conditions page.

  5. Can we meet the DJ that will be performing our event?

    YES. In fact, it is the policy of Karizma London to meet each of their clients, we prefer face to face meeting before any contract is signed. After booking with Karizma Roadshow London, you will be assigned a member of staff that will be your single point of contact throughout the whole planning of your event, this will enable a strong relationship with the client and this will help him/her understand your requirements.

  6. What if we want the DJ to just play music and not put on a show?

    This can be done without any problems. Our DJ's works for you and is under your control. He will accommodate all your requests. The DJ will discuss playlist during the event planning stages.

  7. How far in advance should be book a DJ?

    As with all event planning, the sooner the better. Most popular dates get booked early and in some cases, this can be upto one year in advance. Book early to aviod dissapointment. Waiting till the last minute may be disappointing.

  8. Is there a "travel charge" for long distances?

    Yes, There will be, usually the cost remains the same throughout a 25 mile radius from West London/Berkshire. Further than this will be subject to per mileage cost, please ask a member of staff.

  9. Can our guests make song requests to the DJ and will he play them?

    ABSOLUTELY. As long as the guests selection is within the type of music that the client has requested. it will get played. Our DJ’s generally carry about 5000 titles to each event. This covers 99% of all the songs requested.

  10. What if the event start time is changed after the contract is signed?

    We are very flexible in these matters and will make any adjustment to the starting time as long as it will not interfere with other commitments. We understand that as the event planning progresses, things change.

  11. What if the DJ gets sick or can't make it for some other reason?

    Your event is just as important to us as it is to you. Karizma Roadshow London personnel have NEVER MISSED A SHOW over 12 years we've been in business. But just in case... we keep one DJ on "standby mode" for emergencies or last minute shows. We also have access to over 50 local DJ’s from our Trade ready to fill in at any time.

  12. What if the DJ's equipment breaks down?

    No Problem. Even the best equipment can fail. To insure a continuation of the show, all of The Karizma Roadshow Teams carry "back-up equipment" to all their events. It will only take a few seconds to switch to the "back-up system" so you will only notice a small glitch in the action.

  13. How do we secure our event with Karizma Roadshow London Services?

    All events performed by Karizma Roadshow London require a signed contract from the client along with an a deposit Payment. This will ensure your requested event date will be reserved. NO EVENT CAN BE RESERVED WITHOUT A CONTRACT. A contract can be mailed or signed in person.?

  14. Can we bring CD's (music) for the DJ to play?

    Yes. We will be happy to play any music the client brings. Any music brought by guests must fit within the limits described by the client. However, we believe it is the responsibility of the DJ to supply all the requested music. The client is paying Karizma Roadshow London to supply the music. We will get any music you request as long as we have enough time and the music is available.

  15. Can Karizma Roadshow London provide outside or remote Ceremony Music?

    Yes. We have design a special system for outdoor and/or remote locations. This portable system has all the necessary components to perform at any ceremony. It is battery powered and will operate up to 5 hours before recharging. It includes a 100watt amp, CD & Tape Player, Mixer and Wireless Microphone. It can be setup in 5 minutes and is perfect for those special outdoor events.

  16. What if we have to Cancel or Postpone the event?

    Cancelations are handled in two ways. If the events is canceled within 30 days of the event you will forfeit your deposit payment. If canceled more than 30 days, your deposit payment will be returned. If circumstance arise that require you to postpone your event, Karizma Roadshow London will honor your contract with the new date if it is available. If the date is already taken, then we will attempt to help you locate another qualified DJ. If it is within the 30 Cancelation period, then you could forfeit your Advance Payment. Please read our terms and conditions page

  17. When is the Balance due?

    The FULL PAYMENT of your event is due at the beginning of each event. Sometimes the client may feel more comfortable making the payment earlier, which is acceptable.

  18. Can we come to Karizma Roadshow event to Preview the DJ and show?

    Yes. You can visit any show that Karizma Roadshow is performing as long as we have the permission of the client we are performing for. This may require you to visit at a specific time so as not to disturb the guests. Please keep in mind that the event you are previewing MAY NOT be the same type of event you are planning. Therefore, the music and show may be different than what you would get. If arrangements can not be made for you to visit a show, we have a video reels available for you to review.

  19. Are we required to feed the DJ and will he drink during the show?

    No. You are not required to give the DJ a meal. However, if one is offered, the DJ may partake if time is available and it will not interfere with his duties. The DJ will not drink alcoholic beverages during the show. We do not believe this is proper for the DJ.

  20. Does the DJ take any Breaks?

    No. The DJ has no scheduled breaks during the show. However, there may be short periods where there is another activity and the DJ will not be required to play music. Sometimes there may be other entertainment or the client may schedule a pause in the music. In that case the DJ will remain at his station awaiting the music start time.

  21. Do you charge extra if there is no lift?

    Yes, please can you specify with the venue management, the logistics of bringing the equipment to the room, need to ask them if they have any service lifts, what is the max load capacity, size of lift. This can sometimes cause an issue on the day if we are not notified, depending on what package you have booked, the setup time could be double, due to no service lift, this also means more man power. I would advise to speak to the venue team and asks these questions, Karizma London will also have a check list that we will go through which will cover this topic.

  22. Sounds great to me. What is the next step to arrange a meeting?

    Email or contact the sales team on 07813130780 or
0203 1481509.

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